Dine with Rick Springfield!

Jun 3, 2011 by User 0 Comments
Dine with Rick Springfield!
Have you ever wanted a chance to dine with Rick Springfield?  Here’s your chance to have a meal with Rick Springfield, to sit with Rick, and tell him everything you’ve ever wanted to say!  All you have to do is book a reservation on the upcoming 4th annual Rick Springfield & Friends’
Cruise by June 30th to be entered to win the chance of a lifetime!  (If you have already made your reservation, you are already entered!)  One lucky person & their one lucky guest will receive a chance to dine with Rick onboard the cruise.  Details will be provided to the winner once we are onboard in November. 
 So if you’ve been waiting to make your reservation to join us onboard the 4th annual Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise, with Zoot playing their first show in 40 years, Jack Wagner performing and participating in the question & answer events, Doug Davidson & our host Mark Goodman, make your reservation today!  This year is NOT TO BE MISSED! Visit